THE AVENGERS #30-31 (1966)

Goliath is stuck at giant size and the only person who can cure him is Hank Pym.  I sure hope he can find him!

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch begin to notice that they are getting weaker, so they question whether they are mutants, and they resign.  They go to the hills of “Transia,” where, presumably, they are when they appear for a few random panels in Thor while he’s in Wundagore meeting High Evolutionary.

There’s no more made of this.  It will be over a hundred issues before their link to High Evolutionary is apparent. Which either makes this one of the longest teases in comics, or just a happy coincidence.   Also, Swordsman, Power Man (the white one, not Luke Cage) and Black Widow are involved in the story, which is overcomplicated and dopey and let’s not get into it here.

Creators: Stan Lee and Don Heck

Grade: D-


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