Fantastic Female Superheroes from Marvel Comics

While Marvel movies feature only several female heroes, a lot of heroic women can be found in marvel comics stories. They are different but each of them is special in their own way. Apart from their super powers, they are interesting personalities with tangled backgrounds. That makes them so appealing to readers. Either young or experienced, they are strong, energetic, and fun. Male readers often want to meet bride that will be like one of Marvel superheroines. Here is a list of the best female heroes represented in Marvel comics.

Squirrel Girl

Being accompanied by squirrels and having some of their features, Squirrel Girl is a cute heroine that has gained the affection of the readership. She is charming and funny and it makes her stand out. The comic book series is entitled The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Jessica Jones

Probably, those people who don’t read comics but are into detective stories have seen the Netflix series Jessica Jones and are acquainted with this sarcastic grumpy girl. Since her character appeared in 2001, she belongs to the so-called newer heroes. She’s nothing like Squirrel Girl. She drinks a lot to forget about the awful things that happened to her. At the same time, she helps people as a private detective. Her super powers are her incredible strength and the ability to fly. She is a complicated character but her story evokes sympathy and admiration.


Her skills and abilities make this green-skinned alien one of the most dangerous women in the galaxy. She is super strong due to the metallic construction implanted into her skeleton. She has lived through many awful things such as the genocide against her race, rape, and adoption by Thanos. Despite all the difficulties she has experienced, she keeps moving on. She is determined and proactive and she seeks revenge. Also, she is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ms. Marvel

Who is hiding behind this moniker? It’s Kamala Khan, a regular Muslim teenage girl with shape-shifting abilities. She leads her own comic and it’s interesting for readers to watch how she gradually becomes a superhero. Although this plot is not unique or new, it appeals to teenagers because every reader finds something they share with the character. Her ethnicity doesn’t matter, her personality does.


She is a baddy. Governed by her anger, the feeling of need or revenge, she often switches sides and can’t be on the side of good all the time. When she wants to be good, she tries to make up for her sins. However, in most cases, her dark side prevails.


Janet van Dyne became the Wasp to revenge her father’s death. She has the ability to shrink to the size of a wasp or grow to a giant size. Also, she can fire energy blasts. She is a smart and talented heroine, so no wonder she is a founding member of the Avengers.


She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters, a lawyer and Hulk’s cousin. She was infected with his blood during an emergency infusion. However, it influenced her in a different way. She managed to tame her powers and from a shy girl, she transformed into a confident woman. Her emotional or mental power prompted her to stay in the Hulked-out form without feeling any awkwardness. What makes here heroic is her decision to help those who don’t have the powers she has.

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