Avengers #13 (1965)

This book introduced “The Maggia,” so named because the Comics Code would not approve any publication that used the term “Mafia,” and the character Count Nefaria.  Nefaria is introduced as a crime lord who wants to take down The Avengers because they’re bad for the crime business.  He’s also a robotics expert, and he makes his own fake Avengers team and uses them to trash the team’s rep in the community.  One thing he is not is super-powered.  That comes later in the character’s history.

Fake versions of “real” heroes, i.e., imposters, is a favorite Stan Lee trope.

There’s also some Teen Brigade stuff, but I can’t stand that aspect of The Avengers so I’m ignoring it.

As a result of Nefaria’s efforts, the team goes underground in a “secret” base.  Why do they have a secret base? It’s not explained.

During their battle with Nefaria, Wasp gets shot, which is the cliffhanger for #14.

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
First appearances: The Maggia, Count Nefaria!
Grade: C+

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