Tales of Suspense #58-60 (1964)

With issue #59, Marvel cancelled “Tales of the Watcher” and instead made this an Iron Man/Captain America split book.  Good choice.  And just as they did with Giant-Man and Hulk sharing a book, they started it out with s story about Cap and Iron Man fighting before settling into the split.

The Iron Man stories continue to be weak, but the Cap ones are solid, right out of the gate.  #59 is Cap sitting in Avengers mansion, thinking about the pasts, clearly establishing him as a “man out of time.”  Very cool.

Seeing Kirby drawing this character is worth suffering through any number of mediocre-to-below-average Iron Man stories.

Creators: Lee/Ayers (Iron Man), Lee/Kirby (Cap)
Grades: D- (Iron Man), B+ (Cap)

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