TALES TO ASTONISH #60-69 (1964-1965)

In issue #60, Giant-Man and Hulk fight.  Then, TtA becomes a “split book,” much like Tales of Suspense and Strange Tales, with Hulk 10-13 pages, and Giant-Man getting the rest.  This, of course, meant cancelling Tales of the Wasp.  No great loss.

And the Giant-Man and Wasp stories that had been carrying the front half of this title for over year continued to be forgettable and unnecessary.  But Hulk…

These first issues were created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and Ditko’s take on the muscular green giant is significantly different from Jack Kirby’s.  The first arc feels like the prototype to later Hulkbuster Armor stories, and it’s pretty fun.  Then, we meet one of Hulk’s archenemies for the first time…

Yes, The Leader was originally envisioned as a missionary for Communism!

Also, in #64, Rick Jones tells President Johnson that The Hulk is Bruce Banner.
These are very decent comics and, considering that Hulk had rarely been worth reading, above average Hulk comics.

Creators: Stan and Ayers (Giant Man and Wasp tales), Stan and Steve Ditko (#60-67) and Jack Kirby (#68 and 69) (Hulk).
Grade: Giant-Man: F.  Hulk: C+.

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