GHOST RIDER #33-34 (1978-1979)

Ghost Rider meets a leprechaun-like old man named Woody in a ghost town. Woody has some kind of psychic powers, which he stole from “The Dark Riders,” who turn out to be aliens who, for some reason, ride motorcycles. They’ve kidnapped a kid who appears to now be their leader and he’s also got crazy mental powers, and turns out to be a mutant who was actually instructed by Professor X. Yet, apparently, X decided not to save him from the aliens or contain him as a threat.

Anyway, in the end the spaceship explodes, Woody dies, and the kid seems to die as well. Ghost Rider didn’t cause the explosion, so I’m not tagging this with my “heroes who kill” tag.

Creators: Roger McKenzie (script), Don Perlin (plot, pencils)
Grade: F

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