THE TOP 40 COMICS OF 2016: #10-1!

paper-girlzThe top 10 comics of the year!   Let’s finish the top 40 list out!

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10.  Paper Girlz by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang (Image)

Another home run by the creator of Saga.

Suburban girls in the 1980s meet aliens in a Spielbergesque comic that hits the ball out of the park. Plus, there’s this great explanation of time travel as actually more teleportation than traveling through time, at right.

Brian Vaughan is definitely the most important comic book writer of the past 20 years, and consistently one of the most creative.

9.  Six Pack and Dogwelder-Hard Travelin’ Heroz by Garth Ennis and Russel Braun (DC) six-pack-dogwelder

Hilarious, irreverent, perfect for fans of Ennis’ early DC work on Hitman and Demon. Best issue was #2, in which Spectre is looking for Baytor (pictured above)…A wonderful spoof of the “I Am Groot” movement over at Marvel, and one of the few comics that actually made me laugh out loud this year.

8.  Karnak by Warren Ellis and Gerardo Zaffino (Marvel)

Warren Ellis is quickly getting a reputation. He signs on to a minor Marvel character like Moon Knight for just a handful of issues and by the time he leaves, he makes the book indispensable. This year, he did it with Karnak—a guy I thought was dead and who only the most avid comic book fans have even heard of. He took the gimmicky martial artist and made him an almost religious figure, melding action and violence and philosophy into a wonderful, beautiful book.  The only problem with it was its erratic publication schedule.

And this Zaffino dude? Amazing.

SPECIAL AWARD: Best Warren Ellis Book of the Year!

7.  Rachel Rising by Terry Moore (Abstract Studios)


My favorite comic book artist ended his latest and greatest book this year. Rachel Rising was a spooky, and often chilling, story of a woman who “survives” being brutally raped, and goes on an occult search for her killer. It’s about a lot more than that, too. And I loved the ending. The panels above, by the way, are the ending the reader wanted—not the one the reader got. The one we got was better.

Please go buy Terry’s stuff. He’s a comic book God.

Silk from sow’s ears: When this door closed,

SPECIAL AWARD: Best Finale Of the Year

Runner Up: Vision #12 (Marvel).  The issue that put a solid period at the end of some tremendous work.  One of the hardest things to find in comics is someone who knows how to write an actual ending–not just great beginnings and chapters.

6. Lazarus by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark (Image)


Another great year of female-focused action and violence. Rucka’s feminist message is just as powerful as Bitch Planet, but it’s a little more subtle: Women are used to protect men in this future dystopia, but when an establishment builds itself on the backs of slaves it is inherently reliant upon them, so that when they rise up…

Oooh! The Top Five are Coming Next! And I guarantee you’ll be surprised by at least a couple of them because my tastes are so fucking weird!

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