In our last post, I introduced you all to Manhunter.  In this post, we go deeper into the first version of the character that can truly be said to be close to today’s canon.  He was introduced in a series of back-up stories by the great Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson.  In the middle of this single, long-form tale, we learn that he is really Paul Kirk, who hunted criminals in the 1930s.  He’s obviously the same character as the Simon/Kirby iteration, because he tells of being killed by an elephant while hunting in Africa, and then having his body frozen and preserved (sound familiar?) and later revived, complete with healing factor, by The Council, a secret organization out to rule the world.  He was trained to be the greatest fighter on Earth, and then cloned.  Of course, the clones turn on him after he turns on The Council, and hilarity ensues.


It’s a lot of story in these first few issues, and you know what’s best about it?  How Simonson did Frank Miller’s style before Frank was even in the business…


And, of course, his cool weapons…


I hope you’ll stay with me as I take a journey through this run, into the subsequent revival by John Ostrander, and then the incredible Kate Spencer Manhunter comic from 2004, one of the least-appreciated, best comics of all time.

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