6 Useful Tips on How to Become More Successful with Women

There are a lot of factors that contribute to how women see you – from the elements of your appearance (image) to your behavior. Some men know the secrets of attracting women without any special training. Fortunately for those guys who can’t call themselves heartthrobs, there are some techniques using which they can boost their confidence and seduce or attract any girl they like. Our friends from Jump4love.com help foreigners meet and date beautiful Ukrainian ladies and they gladly share some quick tips that will facilitate your relations with the opposite sex.

  1. Change your attitude to women.
    How many times have you failed to approach a woman thinking that she is out of your league? This is a huge mistake many men make. In fact, deep down all women are the same no matter how hot they are. Their appearance shouldn’t change the way you treat them. To prepare yourself for approaching a hot girl, think how you would treat a woman with ordinary looks. You wouldn’t really care how she’d react at your pickup line and the way you speak or behave. With that pretty indifferent approach, you’ll appear more confident and integral and this will help you attract women.
  2. State rather than ask.
    Do you think that by asking her for permission to kiss or dance with her, you show how polite you are? The answer is no. Once you asked, you make her think twice. And in most cases, her final decision will be to reject you because these questions make you appear weak and uncertain. So you need to change the strategy. When you want something, you usually request it. The same should be applied to women. If you want to get her number, don’t ask a question but state what you want from her in the way like “Give me your number so that I can call you and ask you out/chat”. Remember that when you deal with women you need to act decisively.
  3. Be cool.
    It’s important to show a woman that you’re attentive and interested in her. However, your interest shouldn’t make her think that you’re desperate and inexpressibly happy that she is talking to you. If you listen to her with an open mouth and, even worse, lean in to hear her better, she may think you have little experience with women and that you’re a kind of loser. You should act cool and make her get interested in you. It means you should take the lead in your conversation and it’s her who should lean in, not you.
  4. Fight the fear of rejection.
    Rejection is inevitable in any sphere of life and you should learn how to deal with it. That’s what mature people do. Since the men are supposed to make the first move, they need to accept the fact that their attempts will not be always successful. Before you learn to play the dating game or rather the approaching game, firstly you need to learn how to lose. Analyze your mistakes, make conclusions, and forget about the girl who rejected you. Don’t focus on minor failures. Perhaps, the girl you approached wasn’t in the right mood or had some other reasons. Better luck next time.
  5. Leave room for mystery.
    If you want to stay interesting for a woman, you shouldn’t tell her everything about yourself at once. This is a problem many guys face on the first dates – he talks too much leaving the woman with the feel that she knows everything about him. With that in mind, she decides there is no point in a second date. If you want to be successful with women, you need to know that they like those men who can surprise them on every date. The first step is to get a woman interested in you. Once you did, she will want to get to know more about you. You should gradually reveal some facts and do it in small portions. If she asks you direct questions, don’t give a straight answer – turn it into a joke and ask her the same in return. This vagueness and mystery will turn her curiosity on.
  6. Be active and funny.
    Very often, women spot you first and wait until you approach them. All that time they watch and assess you that’s why it’s important to make a good impression on a woman even before you approach her. Don’t be a lone wolf staring at your phone or drinking alone at the bar – she may already think you’re boring. Instead, be actively engaged in a conversation with your buddies, high-five them, laugh, and the moment you chat her up she’ll know you’re a sociable and funny guy.

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