This hasn't been true in many years....

This hasn’t been true in many years….

It’s not a good time to publishing comics, which is odd because a whole bunch of new, small production companies sprang up in the last six months.  April 2016 saw a one-fifth reduction in overall sales, and Marvel is now just about selling a comic every time every other publisher, combines, sells one. 

Marvel sold 47% of all comics sold last month, crushing DC, who are now down to a 25% market share.  Image was third, of course, holding steady between 8% and 9%, where they’ve been for a long time.  But’s it’s not all bad news: The best-selling book of the month was also one of the best quality books of the month, Marvel’s Black Panther #1.  We’ll see if it can maintain that, but I’m happy to see people bought it.  The rest of the top 10 was no surprise: The usual combination of Star Wars and Batman, with a few books featuring movie(ish) characters thrown in…

1.  Black Panther #1

2. Star Wars:  Poe Dameron #1

3. Dark Knight III:  The Master Race #4

4. Star Wars Special:  C-3PO #1

5. Batman #51

6. Gwenpool #1

7. Star Wars #18

8. Darth Vader #19

9. Harley Quinn & Suicide Squad April Fool’s Special #1

10. Amazing Spider-Man #10

Hmmm.  Two books fronted by women, and two books fronted by minority characters.  This diversity thing is really catching on.  

In the graphic novels department, we had another very deserving #1: Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s Wonder Woman book.  Great story. 

1. Wonder Woman:  Earth One Book 1

2. Star Wars:  Vader Down

3. Rat Queens Vol. 3:  Demons

4. I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1:  Madly Ever After

5.Thanos:  The Infinity Finale

6. Civil War

7. Deadpool:  Millionaire with Mouth

8. Black Magick Vol. 1:  Awaikening Part One

9. Batman:  The Killing Joke Special Edition

10. Rick & Morty Vol. 2

Also good to see such variety!  Old classics (Civil War, Killing Joke), some new stuff that doesn’t have a movie or TV show or anything (Black Magick, Fairyland, Rat Queens), a book by one of the original great creators (Jim Starlin’s Thanos book!)…A solidly good top 10.

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