YOU’VE GOT A MOVIE DEAL! AND YOU’VE GOT A TV DEAL! AND YOU…DON’T: Recent News in the Comic Adaptation Biz

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Lots and lots and lots of news about TV and movies dropped over the past few weeks, and the good news is that it wasn’t all based on Mark Millar comics.
Oh, and I saw Civil War.  Can’t say enough good things about it.  The next big superfilms are Suicide Squad and X-Men, and early word-of-mouth is not good.  Suicide Squad has been through multiple reshoots, and for X-Men, the previews make it look “big,” but…Not very good.
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Sounds a lot like the comics it was based on!
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POWERLESS.  It looks like DC won the race with Marvel to produce a superhero show that stars nonpowered people. Marvel has been circling a show based on Damage Control, a team that cleans up messes made by superfights, and DC just got “Powerless” greenlit by NBC, a workplace comedy starring, among others, Danny “Community” Purdi, that will take place in the offices of an insurance company that underwrites for superbattles.  The show will star Vanessa “Grease Live” Hudgens and also feature Alan “Firefly” Tudyk.  With Community and Firefly, the nerd pedigree is there.
ARCHIE!  The CW has made a series order for “Riverdale,” an adaptation of one of comics’ longest-running books, Archie. But they’re saying it’s going to be edgier and darker than the book from when you were a kid—more like the current Afterlife with Archie book or the stuff Mark Waid and Fiona Staples are doing.  And also coming to the CW…
SUPERGIRL.  It’s been booted by CBS, but it’s landing (with less budget) on the CW.  I thought it was the best comic book adaptation on a major network since…Probably ever…It’s a great show that really “gets” the “super” legacy of Siegel and Schuster in a way the movies haven’t understood in decades.  Sad to see it move, happy it isn’t cancelled.  And speaking of the supers…
KRYPTON.  Syfy is moving ahead production of a pilot for a prequel to Superman, about his grandpa living on his home planet. 
BLACK PANTHER…SORT OF.  If you’re not reading Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze’s newest solo book, you’re missing the best written and most complex books coming out of Marvel these days.  And it’s coming to youtube! Coates has put out a video discussing the new book, with background music by Run The Jewels.


PEGGY CARTER AND MOCKINGBIRD.  Marvel has been shopping an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off called “Marvel’s Most Wanted” for over a year now, but ABC ain’t buying it.  They’re also not going to buy anymore Agent Carter, leaving SHIELD as the only Marvel show still on broadcast TV.  And just barely, at that.


ANDRE THE GIANT.  Last year’s bio graphic novel, Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven, was a stellar example of how comics can tell many different types of stories and, because they rely on artists rather than actors, can do a good job at showing breadth and the passage of time.  The book is getting an official adaptation to film, or at least has been optioned. 
BOOSTER GOLD.   Apparently, it will be written by Zack “X-Men: First Class” Stentz and possibly directed by Greg “producer of just about every DC project on the CW” Berlanti.  No word if Blue Bleetle will also be in it.
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1980s VIDEO GAMES.  Atari’s Centipede and Missile Command are getting movie deals.  WTF. I guess they can’t be any worse than the Battleship movie.


TSUM TSUM.  Apparently, they’re stuffed toys and characters in a Disney app, and they’re getting a Marvel miniseries. They’re also going to star on a run of variant Marvel covers.  Gee.  Disney characters getting to appear in a Marvel comic? How’d that happen?


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