WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES feat. new Lupe Fiasco, Yeasayer, a great Breeders cover, and more!

piano seals

The new Yeasayer video…It’s cool.

Foxtail Brigade recently covered Joanna Newsome’s best known tune…

And less recently, Kuroma gave a tremendous cover of The Breeders’ biggest hit, Divine Hammer. A perfect song, a perfect cover.

Here’s some pretty cool new indie soul…

Lupe Fiasco continues to be one the best voices in rap. Here’s his new single…

The new Lionlimb album is pretty interesting…Here’s the single:

I also like the new EP by Save the Clocktower–it’s just good, honest music.

The new single from Friday (aka Ricky Dred) won’t blow your mind or anything, but it’s got a good groove. Dude sounds a lot like Tone Loc.

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