So, I’ve looked at every issue of Deadpool up to the dreaded Gerry Duggan coming aboard as the writer.  There’s just no way to read that shit.

But I skipped over Deadpool MAX because it wasn’t canon.  But it is one of the best Deadpool books ever.  It’s smart, funny, it plays well against the “real” Deadpool lore…And it’s really for adults only.

So starting today, a panel a day from David Lapham and Kyle Baker’s wonderful, brilliant Deadpool MAX.

Issue #1 establishes Deadpool as a psychotic, unkillable super agent dead set on destroying Hydra, and a kind of legendary boogieman for crooks. The episode is narrated by Hydra Bob, who rescues Deadpool from crime lord Hammerhead. It establishes the tone of the series: Darkly funny done-in-one issues.

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