Okay, so the “regular” Deadpool book was terrible pretty much from 2012 on to the present day.  So thank God for Cullen Bunn.

Bunn was probably, at least at the time he took on DP, best known for his creator-owned book, The Sixth Gun, which was basically a Western book with some twists.  Nobody could have expected he’d be able to take on a character like Deadpool.  But he did.  And extraordinarily well.

IMG_9773In 2012, Marvel launched the first of a series of miniseries about Deadpool killing … Everyone … With a script by Bunn and art by the always amazing Dalibor Talajic.  And he started with a bang–literally.  A headshot killing Spider-Man.  Then he dumped Magneto into toxic Jell-O.  And beheaded The Watcher.


But the best death was Thor.  Wade gets the God to throw his boomerang hammer at him, catches it, rides it back at Thor and makes it huge using stolen Pym particles.

IMG_9776 IMG_9777


Then, after all is done and he’s killed everyone in the stories, he promises to go after the story tellers…


You might think starting off with killing everyone is too much–why not start smaller?  But this was just the first of a long-form story about nihilism and literature and Deadpool at his most self-aware.

Here we go.

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