IMG_9700Daniel Way would become the Gerry Duggan of the 2008s, by which I mean he would write mediocre Wolverine stories that would somehow sell well and give him the right to control the character completely.

Actually, that’s not entirely fair—I need to re-read Duggan’s work, and i did like some of Way’s earlier work.

Anyway, his earliest was in the pages of Wolverine: Origins, with art by Steve Dillon. The story was fairly simple; it was mostly just Deadpool and Wolverine killing each other. The emphasis was on fun, not depth, further moving the Deadpool character away from being the tortured, complex sadist established by Joe Casey; a move that had begun with Fabian Niceiza’s work on Cable & Deadpool.

Daniel Way’s work on Deadpool is reviled by diehard fans of the older stuff, but it created a “new” Deadpool for the generation of readers who were beginning in the late 2000s and hadn’t already spent a decade with the character. From this book, Deadpool sprang directly into a new solo book by Daniel Way.

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