comic book news pictureOkay, I’ll start with the lead story.  Which creative team is coming back?


If you’ve never read The Astonishing X-Men, you’re missing one of the greatest runs of all time.  Now the team responsible for that comic is coming back.  Sadly, it’s just for one short story in Captain America: Sam Wilson #7, as part of the 56-page, six-dollar 75th Anniversary of Cap celebration.  There will
also be work by Greg Rucka and Tim Sale, and the main story will be an Avengers: Standoff tie-in.  So basically everyone will be buying this comic.

In other news, no huge stories, but lots of little ones… 

MARVEL’S HIP HOP VARIANTS HARDCOVER COLLECTION.  Marvel will be releasing, in May, a bound collection of its hip hop variants from last year.  The covers were beautiful, and this edition will also have some “making of” sketches.  So, if you have a coffee table, this will be good for it.  Hopefully, it will include a picture of the “real” album cover the variant is based on—but there’s probably legal issues that make that difficult.

PREZ WILL RETURN!  DC Comics’ best series of last year, and one of the few risky launches that actually ended up being high quality, was cancelled prematurely.  (Incidentally, their other really good risky launch, Omega Men, was too.)  But it looks like it will be coming back in October with at least the same writer, Mark Russell.  I’m hoping artist Ben Caldwell will also return—they were an amazing duo—but Caldwell recently signed on to a few Marvel projects so he may be exclusive.

TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE.  It’s kind of appropriate that the son of the master of 1980s horror is starting up a comic based on a 1980s late-night horror staple.  IDW just announced a comic version of Tales From the Darkseid to be created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, best known for creating the incredibly underrated Locke and Key comic book series. 

GAMBIT CANCELLED.  The movie that nobody wanted to see has been pulled from the schedule—in light of Deadpool’s success, his sequel will be pushed instead.  Also, Fox announced two more Marvel projects in 2017 and 2018.  That one is an X-Men movie is a safe bet, but will one be yet another Fantastic Four film?  We can only hope…Not.

BvS TICKETS.  Regal Theaters is selling an “unlimited pass” to Batman v Superman, where you can see it as often as you want.  What if that number is zero?  Can I pay them not to make this movie?

ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT, TIMELY REPRINTS.  Marvel has announced plans to release oversized “floppy” reprints of some of its All-New All-Different relaunches, to be published as “Timely Comics”—harkening back to the old name for the publisher.  Starting in June, Timely Comics will have reprints of 16 comics (including obvious ones like Invincible Iron Man and All-New All-Different Avengers, and more experimental titles like Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Squadron Supreme, and Venom: Space Knight.  The 72-page comics will reprint issues #1-3, for three bucks.  A great way to sample titles you might be interested in, or to get someone to start reading comics!

WALKING DEAD…THE COLORING BOOK.  Really?  Really.  And it will cost you sixteen bucks.  This seems like the right place to end this article.

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