DEADPOOL #65-69, AGENT X 1-3: Gail Simone!

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So, TODAY IS THE BIG DAY.  A Deadpool movie. Fabulous.

And it’s appropriate that we cover one of the greatest Deadpool runs ever on this illustrious day.

After a ton of shitty issues, Gail Simone signs on to the series, with art by “Udon,” a studio based in Canada that was hired by Marvel in the early 2000s to help support them during their troubled, post-bankruptcy times.  The art is good, but the story…Is way good.  Excellent, in fact.

In the first issue, we get two cool ideas.  The first is Deadpool as the head of his own corporation. He’s become wildly successful, he’s rich, and he’s got employees.  it’s like what Dan Slott recently did to Peter Parker—only it’s Deadpool!

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The second, is she messes with Wade’s mind—a supervillain infects Deadpool’s mind setting DP up to be … Even crazier than he used to be.

From there, things go bonkers, and we get the single greatest Deadpool moment of all time:

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Sadly, Simone was pushed out the door when Marvel decided they wanted to go another direction with the character.

The good news is, though, that the direction they wanted to go was Cable Deadpool, a really fun book.  Still, I would love to have seen where Gail Simone would have taken this.

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