DEADPOOL #1 (1997)


IMG_9469The splash page from Joe Kelly’s first issue, with art by Ed McGuiness in his first major job.  Look at it.  It’s perfect.  It sums up everything everyone loves about Deadpool, and adds so much to the legend begun by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld.  He’s funny, he narrates himself, he approaches the fourth wall (even if he doesn’t break it quite yet)…

And best of all, Blind Al is introduced in this first issue as well.  A woman who Wade Wilson keeps hostage in his home, but who nevertheless appears to have genuine affection for him.

In the end of the issue, we meet Zoe and Noah, who have been monitoring Deadpool on behalf of an interstellar firm of Landau, Luckman and Lake.  They believe Deadpool will be a part of the creation of paradise, and want to hire him to play his part.


Very weird storyline, but it will weave throughout Kelly’s run.8


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