Other than Avengers books, before everything got all new and different, there were six monthlies about Marvel’s “big stars.” Cap and Iron Man got one each, Bucky had one, and Thor and the Thor family took three.

So what’s new and different? Not much. Superior Iron Man, which was kind of like a DC Injustice take on Tony Stark, is being replaced by two Iron Man books—both by Brian Michael Bendis. We’re several issues deep into the first one, Invincible Iron Man, and it is not much more than an average comic. But sales were good enough to launch International Iron Man next year, which will reunite Bendis with Alex Maleev. Obviously, this is a team that has done some stellar work in the past and greatness is expected. And no less will be accepted.

Given that Bendis recently announced he’s doing a Civil War 2, I’m sure there’s lots planned.

On the other half of the war, Bucky Barnes and All-New Captain America are replaced by Captain America: Sam Wilson by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna. Goodbye to the Bucky book couldn’t have happened fast enough, and I didn’t love what Rick Remender was doing on black Cap. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good. Spencer and Acuna are solid choices for a new-and-different title, so my expectations are for a solid comic. I’m calling this a win.

And finally on the Thor front, the main Thor book continues unchanged with Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman, Marguerite Bennett will still be writing the Angela book, and Loki: Agent of Asgard is cancelled. No big loss, no big change.

Results: Big wins. Superior Iron Man was just as decent as Bendis’ Invincible one, but we’re getting that Bendis/Maleev book, and I’m looking forward to a fresh take on Captain America. I really don’t hate Rick Remender, and I loved the beginning of his run on Cap a few years ago, but his style can get very redundant and wearisome.

Pull list: Cap and International Iron Man. I’ll keep reading Invincible for now, but I’m not sure for how long. I do like Jason Aaron, but Asgard doesn’t interest me enough for $4 a month. I might pick it up in trade if the buzz is good.

NEXT: The All-New, All-Different line of solo books!

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