What’s up, way up in the stars, with the new Marvel lineup? This is a harder one to gauge, since a few of these aren’t out yet, but here’s what we’re looking at: The main Guardians book, Silver Surfer, the year 3000 Guardians team book, and Star-Lord are all back with the same writers and mostly the same artists. It looks like Guardians Team-Up is cancelled, and so is the Groot solo book, but instead we have Skottie Young–who did the not-new, not-different Rocket Raccoon solo book—now doing a Rocket and Groot monthly. And we have new Gamora and Drax solo titles, mostly by new comic creators (although wrestler/writer CM Punk is getting help from Cullen Bunn on Drax). All told, it’s a wash so far. One new solo book, one fewer team-up book.

Then we have the big loss: Kelley Sue DeConnick has quit writing Captain Marvel to pursue her creator-owned projects (like the amazing Bitch Planet). The book will be taken over by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas as cowriters and Kris Anka on the art. We’ve seen a little of Butters’ Captain Marvel before it became AN,AD, and I … Wasn’t impressed. Huge, huge loss.

On the other hand, Gerry Duggan is off Nova and now it will be written by Sean Ryan. Any loss of Duggan is a huge gain, so perhaps this is another even trade?

Lastly, one more new book: Venom SpaceKnight. No thank you.

In all, not much is different, and for me, not much worth reading. I’ll be sticking with Silver Surfer out of loyalty to Dan Slott and love for Mike Allred’s art, even if the book itself is usually not much more than meh (with a few shining moments), and I’ll be dropping Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel. One space book will do it for me.

I am curious about Gamora though. I might try it out.

Next: The trinity!

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