THE 100 BEST MUSICS IN 2015: #89-76

Day two of my list. Let’s get started. No dilly dally.

89. SURREAL MCCOYS-Whole Lotta Folsom (Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin mash up)

Hear that? It’s a party going on. A “real band” mash-up of Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin.

88. INJURY RESERVE-Live from the Dentist Office
Proof that not every white rapper other than Eminem has to try to sound like someone else. This is hot.

87. WANT TO WANT ME-Nicole Cross (Jason Derulo)
Oh my God. This girl looks like she’s 12 but she sings like she’s lived twenty lifetimes.


I’ve been loving Lucki as part of FKA twigs and on his own. This year, he gave us a free mixtape that proves stoner rap can still be creative, innovative, and awesome. And Chance the Rapper even makes an appearance!

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