Check out some of the weirdest Marvel Comics merchandise that’s ever been sold

Whenever a new Marvel Comics movie hits the screens, you can guarantee that the marketing men have been working behind the scenes to cash in on the success. But it’s not just about toys for the kids; alongside the run of the mill memorabilia, you’ll find that there’s certainly some wild and wonderful Marvel merchandise to be bought.


Toys galore


Of course, whenever a new comic book film comes out it offers the scope for copious toy franchising opportunities. From superhero figures to flashlights; plastic dinnerware to bouncy balls, the designers’ imaginations know no bounds when they’re looking for new ways for fans to part with their hard earned cash. However, kudos must be given to the guy who thought up the Hulk diving mask. A marvel of extruded green plastic, it must be on the top of the wish list of all juvenile Hulk fans.


Jewellery to give you super powers


While we don’t really believe all the hype about super powers (do we?), the Japanese love the idea of power / balance bracelets. The limited edition titanium, stainless steel and carbon fiber Avengers bracelet offered the power of magnets to budding superheroes in a discreet little band.


The chance to smell like a superhero


If a superhero was a smell, what would it be? This is one question that really sets the mind boggling, and yet some manufacturers have gone to the trouble of conjuring up a fragrance to represent not one, but seven, superheroes. So the massive Hulk, with his bulging biceps and stand out veins, is translated into an exotic mix of yuzu, bergamot and tarragon, while Iron Man is more a ‘mandarin, nasturtium, neroli and jasmine kind of guy.


And of course, eat like one


One major trend for new studio releases is to tie in with a fast-food franchise. Hence we found Jollibee, a major chicken franchise in the Philippines, offering up themed reusable chicken buckets for The Avengers premiere. Not to be outdone, the Land-O-Frost company decided to place stickers on their meat packs, as did the Italian food company, Montana foods.


Furniture inspired by superheroes


Take for example, the customized collector’s desk, that was designed and created by Tom Spina designs from a collection of items from Captain America, the Avengers and the Iron Man series, or the S.H.I.E.L.D. desk which was created by Studio Dror, and you’ll see that Marvel merchandise isn’t just limited to items for the young. In fact, the S.H.I.E.L.D. desk could fit in any tasteful home, and while it might look pretty minimalistic, the simple exterior hides several compartments, speakers and an iPod dock.


Marvel even makes an appearance in online slots


According to Marvel slots are some of the most popular online slots in the business, and are definitely one of the favourite choices for UK online casinos. In fact, punters can’t seem to get enough of this super gaggle of superheroes, with Marvel slots such as The Avengers, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man series, being particularly popular, especially as they feature a four-level progressive jackpot that links all Playtech casinos.
And finally to finish off, some incredibly random Marvel merchandise


What possible use could there be for a Spider-man light up garden brick? Containing its very own 2″ solar powered rechargeable LED, it adds a whole new dimension to modern garden design. Or how about a Spider-man toilet roll cover? What would you think if you saw that in the smallest room of the house? Or perhaps, weirdest of all, a Spider-man themed bra. Now wouldn’t most women run a mile at the thought of having a spider crawling over her girls?


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