THE TOP 20 WHAT IF? COMICS OF ALL TIME (According to me)

I started out reviewing every issue of What If? to see if it came true, but there’s a ton of shit to shovel through and I don’t have time for that kind of a long slog anymore.  Too damn busy.

But I didn’t want all my work to go to waste—and there are a lot of good comics in there.

Hence, this post.

Also, Secret Wars 2015 is basically the greatest What If story ever, offering glimpses into dozens of alternate universes.  But we won’t count it because it’s a compression of alternative universes rather than a view of what they all could look like—when it’s done, as i understand it, everything will be 616 canon.

I’m pretty sure I was able to find every issue of What If? ever created, either through the Marvel app or in my old long boxes, and in on-line summaries from places like the great Supermegamonkey. Based on those readings and reviews, I’ve determined that these are the 20 greatest What If? stories ever produced by Marvel…

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