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10. Siege by Kieron Gillen and Filipe Andrade. As of this writing, I’ve only read the first issue—which was mostly exposition and set up—but it feels like this book will be heavily tied into the “end” of Secret Wars. The writing is very good, the art is interesting and different, and I like the overall idea of an army of Scott Summers clones being led by Abigail Brand in a constant battle against zombies. I mean, how can you complain about that premise? But at the same time, this book exemplifies the most money-grabbing aspect of Secret Wars 2015: It has absolutely nothing to do with the original Siege event. It’s just using the title. For something completely different. Presumably because “All-New, All-Different Abigail Brand” wouldn’t sell.


9. Future Imperfect by Peter David and Greg Land. I’m a sucker for the premise—I love seeing Maestro again. And Greg Land is so good that I don’t miss George Perez! Plus, naming a comic after a grammar case is right up my alley.

Red Skull

8. Red Skull by Joshua Williamson and Luca Pizzari. This one surprised the hell out of me by being very interesting, and full of surprises. Unlike most of the other books, this one doesn’t expand upon an existing, resolved storyline—it’s really about folks we’re familiar with, like Bucky, who have been plopped down in this new world, and have a mission to complete. I’m hoping stories like this one will be part of the Marvel lineup after Secret Wars ends.

7. Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson, and David Lopez. This is one of the best Secret Wars tie-ins because it’s really a tie-in. In other words, it’s not just playing with old toys (but don’t get me wrong—it’s fun to reunited with characters like Old Man Logan and the Days of Future Past gang). Rather, from the gate this book has Carol Danvers acting like Carol Danvers—questioning Doom’s authority and wondering why there aren’t stars in the sky. I’m so sad that this will be DeConnick’s last Captain Marvel story.

6. Thors by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse. A neat look at how the army of Thors works, under Doom’s direction. Think of it as, “What If Odin Were a Complete Asshole?” The story itself is a police procedural—the Thors are investigating a serial killer. Very cool idea—and not the first time Aaron has put superheroes in the role of detective—the underrated event that never seemed to gain an audience, Original Sin, did the same thing.

5. Old Man Logan by Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino. Remember when Bendis was your favorite writer? This is why. A great, twisty story that fits within the complex continuity of the Secret Wars event, and crosses over with other SW territories rather than staying contained in one “kingdom.” Plus, Sorrentino’s art is magnificent—probably the best of any of the SW books. And yes, I know that most of the “best” artists in Marvel are working on SW books. I stand by my comment.

deadpool's secret wars

4. Deadpool’s Secret Secret War by Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli. Technically, this is a tie-in to the first Secret Wars, but it’s almost brilliant in the way it retcons the prior event by incorporating all of the major events—and even the stilted Jim Shooter dialog—without doing violence to the preexisting story. This is the best Deadpool book I’ve read in years (which is damning with faint praise, I know), and it’s also the best Bunn Deadpool book I’ve ever read (which is not-so-faint praise, as he’s done some solid work with the character).

3. Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. The main event. It’s very good, albeit a little heavy on exposition—as is true of most of Hickman’s work. It also doesn’t match the “balls-out fun” tone of literally every single other Secret Wars book out there. That’s a strange thing about this event. Still, a very good series and the best event book since Marvel’s Civil War.

2. Where Monsters Dwell by Garth Ennis and Russ Braun. Not just one of the best tie-ins, one of my favorite comics this year. Hilarious, profane, and hard-to-believe it’s Marvel!

1. A Force by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett, with gorgeous art by Jorge Molina. Simply the best of the bunch. Extraordinary book. Wilson can do no wrong.

NOT RELEASED YET:  Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra, House of M, Howard the Duck, and Secret Wars: Secret Love.

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