BOOGIE-The Reach

Boogie is straight outta Compton, but he’s no gangsta rapper. At least not your average one. This is a man who raps about being a father but living a hood life. He tells stories of how stupid it is to run the streets, but still seems in love with it. It’s like he knows he better, but he’s still in it. “You think I”m gonna pull out a Bible when them all gangbangin’?” That about sums it up.

It’s a solid mixtape if you dig gangsta rap but you’re tired of the same old stuff. But when I listen to it I can’t help thinking that Boogie has a lot more to say. I’m not sure if he just needs a new producer or just a little more experience or what…But he feels like a guy on the verge to break big.

Boogie – The Reach

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