WHAT IF? #12, 23, AND 31: The Hulk Stories


Three very good tales from strong creative teams, and two out of three came true!  What If Rick Jones Became the Hulk (#12) and What If Hulk Became a Barbarian (#23) both came true.  The former when Rick Jones became A-Bomb during that horrible Red Hulks saga and the latter when Hulk went to Planet Hulk.  And not only that, Rick Jones’ tale in What If? was way better than the “real” time he became an oversized gamma powerhouse.  Planet Hulk is a favorite of mine, but I have to say, so is What If? #23. 

As for #31, What If Wolverine Killed the Hulk, it’s one of my all-time favorite What If? stories.  I remember this sequence like it was the first time I read it…


So tragic!


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