Cap #1

Continuing my reviews of every issue of Captain America, I’m skipping over the Ed Brubaker years.  Not because they’re bad, but because I’ve read them three or four times already and I just don’t wanna read ‘em again.  It’s my blog, I make the rules.

And while I’m at it, make sure you check out my Captain America page—and the Comics Library in general, where I rate runs and generally have incredible nerding fun.

In 2013, Rick Remender and John Romita, Jr., took over the title—and not without controversy.  The first issue reexamined Steve Rogers’ childhood and introduced the concept of an abusive father and a mother who was strong enough to take a slap and stand up to him.  The concept of fatherhood and childhood would be the theme for the first arc, which would span over a year, in which Captain America was transported to a dimension ruled by Arnim Zola.

cap #1 panel 2

By the end of issue one, Captain America has rescued Zola’s son from his evil father’s clutches.  He’s now a daddy.

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