Convergence was terrible.  That’s not opinion, it’s fact.  It didn’t make sense and by the end it didn’t even seem to have much of a point.  Grant Morrison had basically done the exact same thing in the borderline-brilliant Multiversity mini-series, which DC appears to have distanced itself from inexplicably as it does with most of Morrison’s important work.
But in addition to one good spin off (Shazam, above) there may be some silk purses coming out of DC’s latest line-wide overhaul.  Here’s a few things that maybe we can look forward to…
  • Midnighter.  I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard it’s great.  I don’t understand why a character who is supposed to be a grittier, more realistic version of Batman needs to be plucked from the Wildstorm Universe and put into the main DCU, but other than that, he’s a great character and will be one of the few gay headliner heroes.  But it has to be good.  Please, make it good.
  • Constantine: The Hellblazer.  Again, DC takes a character who worked really well outside of DCU and brings him firmly back into the fold—right after his TV show got cancelled.  Still, if you dig the supernatural, check it out.  It’s even got an adult rating (or at least age 15+)!
  • Jim Gordon is the new Batman.  At least for now.  Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s long run on Batman has been very good—one of the few standouts in DC’s otherwise bland lineup.  I think I’m with it as long as they are.
  • Action Comics and Superman.  I don’t love the character enough to buy it, but I’ve browsed Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s work on Action and it’s good.  But I really can’t wait to see what Eisner-winning indie creator Gene Yang does with Superman.  Hm.  Asian writers are now controlling the world’s first superhero.  Interesting.
  • Bizarro.  I read the first issue.  It wasn’t really my cup of tea (over the top humor comics aren’t something I generally read), but I can attest to the quality.  It’s good.  As for the similar-in-tone Bat Mite book…Not so much.  And finally, the best of the bunch…

  • Omega Men.  I’m sold, put it on my pull list.  I read the digital sneak preview and was intrigued, read #1 and loved it.  I wish there’d been a little more story (it’s basically one long scene), but the suspense and pacing was terrific.  They’re like the anti-Guardians of the Galaxy: Unsafe, not funny, violent and scary.  Tom King may be emerging as one of the best new voices in comics, and Bagenda’s art is terrific.


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