WHAT IF “WHAT IF” WAS? What If? #4-6

IMG_9193The second installment looking back at every issue of What If? and determining whether it should have been called “What Was.” Last post we looked at the first three issues and learned that 2 out of 3 “What If?” questions actually ended up happening as canon–at least more or less.  Today, the questions are a little more complicated.

What If #4: What If the Invaders Had Stayed Together?  Obviously, this one couldn’t possibly come true…Although the team has reformed several times since World War 2.  But no, I’m going with a “no,” this did not come true.  Also: This issue was kind of bad.  It did, however, predict the creation of other Captain Americas….

What If #5: What If Captain America Hadn’t Vanished After World War 2?  This is a fairly similar premise, and it’s impossible for it to have happened.  Although, again, one of the story elements did happen: Bucky became Captain America!  


What If #6: What If the Fantastic Four had Different Super Powers?  Another impossibility.  Score three zeros for What If? questions predicting the future….



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