Red Hulk wasn’t a great idea, and it wasn’t a great book. Until Jeff Parker got a hold of it and it became something really, really cool. It was full of intrigue and big fists, but best of all: MODOK Superior! He was superior before Spider-Man! Over the course of many issues, it’s revealed that MODOK played a critical role in the creation of Red Hulk. Then, MODOK, and a team of others, kidnapped the smartest people in the world (who modestly called themselves The Intelligencia) and managed to turn MODOK back into George Tarleton—the regular person he was before his body was twisted into the misshapen form of MODOK. But the world needs a MODOK. So, a cloned genius brain is given the memories of MODOK, and we get MODOK Superior.

Look how badass he is:
i modok Hulk 38
MODOK appeared in Hulk throughout Jeff Parker’s run—I’m not going to go into more detail. Instead, my next post will be my last in the series.

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