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I decided to write here to say thank you, guys! I had to face so many problems, before I was advised to use this service. You know, I am an international student, thus English is not my native language and I don’t have any problems with communication in English, however my written English is not good.

I know about it, but I am ready to move further and I want to study and it is so important for me, that there is such a service, where I know for sure I will be able to find help and support for me, irrespective of the type of the paper or task I am to fulfill. These are already several times, when I ordered my essays and academic papers from this service and every time I was happy about the quality and timely delivery.

I didn’t risk looking in Internet, although there are a lot of online essays writing services, which claimed that they provided support for essay writing. My friend told me that he once had a very bad experience with one of such services, as they were late with his paper and there were mistakes, he wanted to get his paper revises, but got a refusal from them. I have never faced such problems with this service. For the first paper I managed to find all the necessary information, but realized that even based on this information, I will not be able to produce a good writing, as I still make stylistic and grammar mistakes, which should of course be avoided in any academic writing. So I followed the advice of my friend and decided to place an order with service. I had to give my name in the form, honestly, I didn’t like it and I contacted their manager with this question.

Immediately I received the reply that it was not obligatory and this is needed just for proper formatting of my paper, which is actually by the way done by the writers here. They never use your real name, but if you still have doubts – it is possible not to give it. Then it is necessary to indicate all the information about your order, including formatting style, referencing style, number of pages, title, all this was easy and could be done within 5 minutes. Once I had the situation, when I had all the necessary materials – the articles, which needed to be used for my paper, it was one of the demands from my professor.

It turned out that there is a possibility to add all the additional files and information, which you want to be used for your writing and they will pass all the files to your writer. Overall, based on my experience with this essay writing service, I want to say that I can advise their services to any student, who has problems with academic papers. I am really grateful to them for providing help for me and my good grades.

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