In the 1990s there was no MODOK. He was dead. So, instead, we got MODAM. Lots of her.

Her role as the new leader of AIM really began in Quasar #9 (above), in which we learned her new name (Mental Organism Designed for AggressiveManeuvers), and where she was tasked with stealing Quasar’s quantum bands.
lots of female super villains
IMG_8720She then jumped into Captain America’s Superia Stratagem storyline, as part of a whole team of supervillainesses who are ganging up on Cap.

See, that’s her in the corner over there.

She also appeared in Iron Man. And that’s the comic (issue #296), where we learn that MODAM is a strategic planner—a leader–more than  a combatant.

But she can throw down when it’s called for.


MODAM “dies” and MODOK is resurrected in one of the worst major storylines Mark Gruenwald ever wrote. Mark has written many, many great Captain America stories—but “Taking AIM” isn’t one of them. In the tale, AIM tries to create a synthetic cosmic cube, brings back MODOK, and there’s all kinds of souped-up Red Skulls and Rhinos. It’s just awful. But the worst of it is, we don’t ever see MODAM die. I read every issue, carefully, and believe me it was painful, and the only reason I think she died in the story is because Wikipedia says so.

And because she never appears again.

But hey, at least MODOK is back!

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