GOTHAM CENTRAL #6: Half a Life Part 1


“Half a Life” is when Gotham Central hit its groove.  That’s not to say that the first five issues weren’t good.  They were.  They were groundbreaking, in fact. But with Greg Rucka’s first “solo arc,” the series found its center as a book where “real people” would meet with the freaks and metas that dominate Gotham.  And the book would emphasize “real.”  In the last arc, Ed Brubaker told a story about how cops deal with death and loss, offering several very human moments–the likes of which had rarely (if ever) occurred in Batman before.

And with this arc, Renee Montoya is outed, violently and suddenly, as a lesbian.


From there, we get a brilliant tale of blackmail and male sexual domination.  It’s one of the best stories ever told in comics.

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