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DC launched its Blackest Night event in 2009, a time when Geof Johns was the hottest writer around.  He’d turned the bottom-selling and usually silly Green Lantern comic into a flagship title that supported its own spin-off book (Green Lantern Corps) and even got a movie green lit.

Blackest Night was also the moment when Johns jumped the shark.  He never got better than this.

The story of Blackest Night was simple: A new force behind a new power ring (black) has the ability to raise the dead, which it does, and tries to take over the universe.  There were tons of spin-offs, lots of high drama, and subtle touches like the “Happy Easter” sign above.

It all started in Green Lantern #43, which the above sequence is from.  The event was line-wide, with dozens miniseries and tie-in comics, but this feature will focus on the Blackest Night series itself, occasionally veering off into issues of Green Lantern when they mattered.

I remember liking the first half, not liking the second half.  Let’s see how it fares on a re-read.


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