MARVEL’S TOMB OF DRACULA: An October Tribute to Comic Book Monsters!


The Splash Page from Tomb of Dracula #1

All October, here at Berkeley Place, we’ll be paying tribute to Marvel’s comic book monsters, and we’re starting with the best.

The Tomb of Dracula was one of Marvel’s earliest forays into the territory of public property storytelling, but the book very quickly evolved from its beginnings into a full-fledged title with original supporting castmembers, and eventually would be a book people look back on as highly influential.

The first seven issues really lacked focus, but when Marv Wolfman signed on with issue #7 it hit its stride fairly quickly.  In #10, one of Wolfman and Gene Colan’s greatest creations had his debut….

first appearance blade vampire slayer

Wolfman wrote the rest of the issues, along with Colan on art.  It was the perfect book for Colan’s shadowy style.

And here’s how it ended….

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