INCREDIBLE HULK #109-115: World War Hulk

This is my second time reading this arc, and it’s not as good as I remember. Sure, it starts with a bang (literally), as Hulk finds the rocket that the Illumaniti used to send him to Planet Hulk, the rocket explodes, and…
Then he goes back to Earth and wreaks revenge and havok. The fights are good, the tie-ins are actually worth reading, but as a story…There isn’t much of one.

But the best part is Greg Pak’s use of Amadeus Cho…
…Who turns heroism on its head by calling a spade a spade and an illuminati a cruel genius. Cho partners Hulk up with Hercules and the original Champions team…
…And so the Hulk book becomes The Incredible Hercules. And that’s where I sign off.

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