Presenting: Joss Whedon’s (not Christopher Nolan’s) Scarlet Witch.

AGE OF ULTRON. By the time this movie comes out, we’re going to know everything about it. That’s why I hate the internet. It’s also why I love it. Sam Jackson and Anthony Mackie, the only black Marvel superheroes to hit the screen, both say they don’t have much to do in the Avengers sequel. I can’t say I’ll miss Nick Fury, but I would have loved ot have seen some Falcon. Of course, if they gave Falcon his own film—or a TV show—that would more than make up for it. And there can’t be any doubt that A3 will have Black Panther, right?

QUEEN AND COUNTRY UPDATE. The movie adaptation of Greg Rucka’s brilliant black-and-white secret agent comic book finally has a director attached, Craig Vivieros (he hasn’t done much—don’t bother IMDBing him). Mostly, I’m writing this item to keep hope alive for the film. Ellen Page is attached to star as the lead, Agent Tara Chase of the Special Operations Section of Britain’s SIS.

SIXTH GUN 2. And speaking of Oni, their hit supernatural Western comic by Cullent Bunn and Brian Hurtt will get a prequel. Also, Bunn’s “Helheim” project with Joelle Jones will get a sequel. That one is about Vikings. Bunn apparently likes to do period pieces.

OCCUPY COMICS VOLUME ONE. A collection of the anthology series has hit the shelves. In addition to a new story by Amanda Palmer and David Mack (and a new cover by Mack as well), it features the work of too many legends to count, but I can name drop these: Mike “creator of the X-Men’s Doop” Allred, Alan “I created everything ever worth reading—just ask me” Moore, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joseph Infurnari (the team on the great indie comic, “The Bunker”), veteran author J.M. DeMatteis, Charlie “Walking Dead” Adlard, Joshua Dysart (writer of the criminally under-read and underrated Vertigo reboot of The Unknown Soldier), Art “Maus” Spiegelman, Ben “30 Days of Night” Templesmith, and many many others. If you like short stories told in comic book form, it’s a damn fine one to get. From Black Mask Press.

AMY ACKER: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Actually, girlfriend of Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. She’ll play a former lover of Agent Coulson, who she thinks is dead. Amy is another member of Joss Whedon’s traditional ensemble, having had a major role on Angel and appearing in his recent Shakespeare film (which was great, by the way).

FAST AND FURIOUS #7. Yes, I’ve seen every single FnF movie, several more than once, and I love them in all their loud, stupid fury. #7 will include Jason Statham and Kurt Russell in the cast. How can that be bad?

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 WILL FEATURE SINISTER SIX. I hated the first movie. I really, really want to like the second one.

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