Mark Waid delivered a few uninspired issues and then burned out on Flash for a bit and took a rest, during which the short-lived team of Mark Millar and Grant Morrison cowrote some fill-ins, as did Geoff Johns.  Then Waid returned for a year-long arc beginning in #142.  I did like how, on his first issue back, he played with his own style.  Just about every issue he wrote began with “My name’s Wally West.  I’m the fastest man alive.”  After substitute writers had made a mess of his characters, he roared back….Without West:



He spent a year on an arc that had a whole bunch of future Flash/timetravel stuff, and a missing Wally West.  Very smart: He was famous making Wally West matter as the “real” Flash–so people didn’t miss Barry Allen anymore–and then he took West away.  But overall, I had trouble hanging with these stories so I’m doing a summary “last post.”  It’s not that it wasn’t good, it just wasn’t as good as what he’d done before.  And it felt…Limp.

Thank you, Mark Waid, for some great Flash stories.  Before I started this feature, I had never read Flash for any length of time and never cared about the character.  Waid showed me that Flash can be cool!

Next: An indie interlude before I take on a panel from every issue of Captain America!

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