Aunt May gets shot by Kingpin.  This is the beginning of the end of 1990-early 2000s Spider-Man, of everything that David Micheline and JMS had been building for almost two decades.  It certainly generated a lot of hate, but not from me….

The story was so controversial they even retconned the retcon when they explored it later.  You all know the story: To save Aunt May, Peter Parker makes a deal with Mephisto where everyone will forget that he’s Peter Parker, and he won’t be married to MJ anymore.  What does Mephisto get out of it?  He doesn’t want Peter to be happy.  It’s actually more than a little ironic: Recently, DC editorial said that it won’t allow its heroes to be happy, and that’s exactly what happened here.

Anyway, Mary Jane is in on the deal and she makes Mephisto an offer…




In the actual Marvel digital version, she says “I will remember everything.”  But in the ComiXology version she tells Mephisto to leave Peter Parker alone after this, forever.

Whatever happened, it inspired lots and lots of hate.  Unjustified in my opinion.  The years that followed brought in Dan Slott, Zeb Wells, and lots of other talent to turn Amazing Spider-Man into a thrice-monthly publication and producing some of the best Spider-Man stories ever created.  Really good stuff.  You just had to be willing to forget the prior 15 years of stories.  And really, would you rather have good comics or be a slave to continuity?



But “Brand New Day” is where I get off.  Again, not because I didn’t like it, but because I read it too recently.  This blog is about what I want to read, what I enjoy, and what I’m interested in.  At some point, maybe I’ll return to Amazing Spider-Man’s next 200 or so issues.  But for now, I’m going to go on to the next series.

What will I read next?

Find out soon!  (And in the meantime, you can keep reading my write-ups of every issue of The Defenders Volume 1.)

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