BATMAN INC. #3-5 (Grant Morrison’s Batman Part 18)


Welcome to part 18 of our ongoing look at Morrison’s Batman.  After the silliness of the first two issues, Morrison digs in deep to the “Oroboros” conspiracy, and ressurects the original Batwoman–Kathy Kane–at least through flashbacks.  Turns out, Talia wasn’t the first female to try to make a family man out of Batman.  And Batman’s territoriality over his copyrighted name extends far back as well….


In the story proper, we see Batman as a superspy.  Along with Batwoman and El Gaucho, the team learns that Leviathan has plans to infiltrate Batman, Inc.  (A traitor is also what destroyed the League of Heroes way back in this story arc, which also took place on an island.  We learn that Ouroboros is a destructive element, and the bad guy wants to use it to blow up the island.

The story also introduces the global element of Batman, Inc., by showing us Batwing–the Batman of Africa.  It’s a little odd that Argentina gets its own crusader, but all the countries in Africa have to share one.  But that’s not really the point of the story, is it?

the first appearance of Batwing the black batman



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