The Human Side of Superheroes

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The Human Side of Superheroes

History will prove that the most loved superheroes are not the most powerful ones or the most dominant characters, it’s always the heroes that show their human side that are closest to every comic book fanatic’s heart. Whether you fell in love with Spiderman as he experienced the rigors of college life and saving the city or Iron Man as he tries to deal with his sickness and manage a multi-billion dollar company, it’s the qualities that make them normal that make them extraordinary as heroes.

Among the heroes of Marvel, the most human for me, is The Thing. You might be surprised why I chose this character when he’s one of heroes who look the least bit human. This member of the Fantastic 4 is one of the most unique characters in Marvel. Not only does he have a documented religion (he’s actually Jewish), he’s also the only character (that I know of) to be brought back to life not by science or magic but by the hand of God Himself. The thing actually held his Bar Mitzvah celebration of his second life by hosting the biggest poker event in Marvel history. He invited several heroes to play and even camera shy characters like Spider-man and Wolverine attended the said event. This goes without saying but you wouldn’t want any of these superheroes across your poker table at any given point in time. Intimidating would be an understatement. Even during a partypoker sponsored World Poker Tour event, these guys would scare the most experienced card players and the most aggressive card sharks. As a poker and comic book fanatic, it has always been a dream to face some of the heroes on a heads up battle. Would Wolverine be able to hold back his seething anger when he gets a lousy hand? Will Tony Stark be able to keep it cool when his chips are down? Will Spiderman be able to continue his sassy talk when you take away his chips?

Having regular hobbies like poker make the superheroes seem more believable and life like. Most of the heroes of comic books also have regular jobs that they try so desperately to keep. Most people don’t understand the concept as any superhero made or born today would most likely rely on brand endorsements or use their gifts to earn money on the side. The reason why superheroes keep a day job is to both protect their identity and keep their sanity. Any normal person would go insane with the level of responsibility constantly resting on their shoulders and they keep their menial jobs to lighten that load by taking on something simple and normal. Every unique hero has a human condition to deal with and this is why they continue to have fans.

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