DAREDEVIL #297-300


kingpin born againChichester’s Daredevil is basically a recall of Frank Miller.  He plays with all of Miller’s toys: The Hand, Kingpin, Karen Page, etc., and this arc is basically “born again” but this time it’s Kingpin who gets torn down and left with only the things he values most.

Along the way, SHIELD gets involved…But they really don’t need to be.  They’re setting up some connection between Wilson Fisk and HYDRA, but none of it really matters much.

We do get art by Lee Weeks, though.  He’s great.  Look at that panel to the right of Kingpin.  So strong, so vicious.

It’s not a terrible arc, but Chichester doesn’t really get the character of DD very much.  In my last post, Daredevil used a pistol.  In this arc, he “reads” a computer screen.  We all know he can “read” a newspaper by feeling the raised print, but how is that remotely possible on a computer screen?

Little things like that make Chichester’s Daredevil only mediocre.  It’s saved by the overall scripting and story beats, which are pretty good.


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