DC Comics apparently will allow creators to get royalties when characters created after 1975 are used in a medium other than comic books, but there’s a technical hitch: You have to request the royalty, and payments are not retroactive.  So, if you don’t realize that one of your characters has been used, you don’t get paid.  If anyone should be concerned about this, it’s Conway.  He’s created hundreds of characters that could form the basis for equity participation.  He’s got a detailed post on it on his blog, hereThe good news is, you can help.  The creator doesn’t have to personally fill out the form—anyone can.  So, if you see a DC character created after 1975, you can fill out this form and send it in all on your own!
And after the button below, more news about Vertigo’s new books, a new Howard the Duck Movie (not), and more!
LAZARUS #1.  Greg Rucka and Michael Lark have teamed up for a new comic.  Did you get it?  Why the hell not?  It’s amazing.
NEW SANDMAN COMICS.  Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams’ The Sandman: Overture #1, the long-gestating Sandman prequel, hits comic stores on October 30 with an every-two-month publication schedule.  November will bring a new Sandman comic, not by Neil Gaiman, called Dead Boy Detectives.
AND OTHER NEW VERTIGO BOOKS.  DC’s Vertigo also plans to launch a bunch of other new books, like:
  • Peter Milligan’s The Discipline, “a dark, erotic thriller” about a woman introduced to a “sexually sinister world she never knew existed.”  I wonder if Apple will carry it, or if they only ban homosexually explicit images.
  • Ian Edginton and Fracesco Trifogli’s post-apocalyptic Hinterkind. 
  • Suiciders, which will be artist Lee Bermejo’s first job as a comic book writer, about a reality show where contestants kill each other.
  • Coffin Hill, a magic series spinning out of the Salem Witch Trials.
Vertigo is the best thing DC does—and, frankly, the only thing DC does these days that’s really exciting.  They need to do something to freshen up their books.  Like, maybe, reboot their universe?
hellboy movie
HELLBOY 3.  Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman are still trying to generate buzz about it, but from what I’ve read over the years it’s del Toro’s schedule, not the studio, not Perlman, or anything else, that has prevented the movie from being made.
BEWARE THE BATMAN.  And speaking of DC’s inability to do good projects with great characters, their new animated series premiers on July 13 on Cartoon Network at 10AM.  I hate them for ending Batman: Brave and the Bold, one of the most brilliant television cartoons in decades.
HOWARD THE DUCK TO APPEAR IN AVENGERS 2.  No, not really.  But Joss Whedon told the press he’d like to do a reboot of Howard the Duck.  He was probably kidding, but that would be awesome.
COMIXOLOGY BUNDLES COMICS.  It’s about time.  If you want to buy a digital “trade,” you’re not getting a hard copy.  If you buy via ComiXology, you’re not even getting a pdf/cbr/etc.  All you’re getting is the right to read it via that particular company’s app.  So bundling books for cheap makes sense.  And while I mourn full-sized comics and the gradual erosion of the paper-based market, this is the future.  Some of the deals they’re promoting are tremendous: $40 for Chew Volumes 1 through 6, where each individual volume could cost over $20.  I just wish I could use it.  Every time I try to launch the app it refuses to let me in.  I’ve contacted the company, changed my passwords multiple times, and every time there’s a problem.  Frankly, that’s what has kept me away from it.
PRIVATE EYE.  Are any of you buying the pay-what-you-like, digital-only book by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin?  I recommend you check it out.  It’s very cool.
DARK HORSE MERGES WITH KITCHEN SINK.  Buys it outright, is more like it.  Denis Kitchen’s indie comic company, which has been around since the 1970s, produced some original books like The Crow, but is best known for its reprint line, which was responsible for turning Alan Moore’s From Hell into a bound volume, and has reprinted comic strips (Alley Oop, Nancy), classic books (The Spirit), and many others.  Their first work with Dark Horse will anthologize material that appeared in Marvel’s “Undergound” magazine.  I’ll buy that, I’m pretty sure.
KNIGHT RIDER RETURNS, ALONG WITH SCREECH. Lion Forge will make digital comics of Saved by the Bell, Punky Brewster, Miami Vice, Knight Rider and Airwolf. If the comics have a soundtrack, I’ll buy the Knight Rider one. Best theme music ever.

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