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News on Daredevil, one of the best writers in history being recognized, and more, below.

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STEVE GERBER AND DON ROSA HONORED.  The 2013 Bill Finger Award for Excellence in Comic Book Writing went to Don “Donald Duck” Rosa and Steve Gerber.  Gerber created some of the most fascinating comic books of the last century.  His resume would include either creating or being the driving force behind Marvel’s most offbeat, genre-breaking books of the 1970s: Howard the Duck, Man-Thing, The Defenders, and Omega the Unknown, along with many other revolutionary books like Hard Time and Nevada.  I’ve written about him extensively, you can check this one out for reading recommendations.  Gerber passed away in 2008 with lots of anti-Marvel acrimony, so it’s appropriate for him to have received an award named for Bill Finger, the guy who Bob Kane refused to credit as his Batman co-creator.

DAREDEVIL (SPOILERS).  Why aren’t you reading Daredevil?  It’s easily the most consistently surprising and creative superhero comic out there right now.  And in this latest issue: Bullseye is back.  He’s paralyzed and confined to a bed—able only to see.  The one thing his arch-enemy cannot do.  How literary is that?  I know, it’s a little like back when DD tormented Bullseye in a hospital bed after he killed Elektra, but Mark Waid’s take on this is, as always, fresh and unique.  Such a great comic.  If you’re not reading it, you’re a damn fool.

MAN OF STEEL.  The hype machines are on overload, and yet I find myself…Not really all that interested.  I’m actually more interested in Fast and the Furious #612.  I also find myself not very interested in The Wolverine.  Actually, I find myself annoyed at the subplot of him losing his healing factor.  Is that really necessary?  Chris Claremont and Frank Miller storyboarded the perfect Wolverine movie.  You really didn’t need to change a damn thing.  Maybe it’s just my persistent, crippling health problems but I’m just not as excited about this summer’s crop of comic book movies.  I did love Iron Man 3, though.

REARRANGING THE ARTIST CHAIRS.  I guess Marvel is having deadline problems.  The worst news is that Mike Allred is stepping away from FF with issue # 9 (hopefull, it’s just a one-time thing).  In other news: Adrian “Runaways” Alphona and Dexter Soy are co-illustrating Uncanny X-Force #6 (not a book I find worth reading), and the final X-Factor six-part story looks like it will have a different artist for each issue.  And Declan Shalvey, the main reason to read Venom, is stepping away from the title with issue #37.  I find that lack of artistic continuity can really break the tone and focus of a book—as much as changing writers can.  What do you all think: Do fill-in artist issues affect your enjoyment of a title?

BATMAN INC.  It looks like DC will continue this series after Morrison is done.  Why?  The comic doesn’t even make sense anymore.  I can’t figure out how or when it fits with Scott Snyder’s Batman architecture.  I’m dropping all bat-books anyway: I’m so mad that they ruined Morrison’s brilliant 6-year epic by rebooting the DCU, and Snyder’s Bat-stories just aren’t holding together for me.  (Although I have to admit, the thought of Alex Maleev doing the art on Dark Knight #23 almost moves my hand to my wallet.  Almost.)

DEADPOOL LED WITH HIS CHIN. I liked Deadpool #1, written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn, but the book quickly got bogged down in a drawn out, stupid “zombie Presidents” storyline that was too long and, frankly, just wasn’t funny. I dropped the book. And no sooner did I do that then they came out with an issue that took place in the 1980s and was everything that Deadpool ought to be: Satirical, biting, outlandish, violent, and most of all: Funny. The next issue was back to another story arc, and while it’s still a bit too plot-heavy, it’s still a marked improvement over this writing team’s first arc. More importantly, it’s MUCH better than the last three years of Daniel Way’s “please make it stop” run on the book prior to Marvel NOW! They’re promising more of these “lost” issues that take place during other Marvel eras. If you only buy those issues, I can recommend Deadpool now without reservation. The jury is still out on whether it’s worth investing your time and money on this second arc—but early indications are positive.

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