FANTASTIC FOUR #538-542: Civil War

the thing in france

Fantastic Four’s Civil War tie-ins are the best of the lot.  Thing goes to France rather than serve on Iron Man’s team or fight the government with Cap, and we get this fun side-adventure in the middle of all the “heaviness” pervasive in every other Marvel title at the time.

And F4 handled the break up of Sue and Reed in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WAY than the actual Civil War comic.  Here’s what happened in the miniseries:

sue break up letter to reed fantastic four

In Civil War, Sue is heroic and self-sacrificing–she writes a letter and leaves in the middle of the night after having sex with Reed for one last time and kissing her kids goodnight.

reed dumps susan storm

In Fantastic Four, Reed is headstrong, refuses to share his private motivations with his wife, and tells her to leave.

Very different.

I don’t know how Marvel editorial let something like this get by them.

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