MR FANTASTIC has sex with invisible woman
IMG_2588Mark Waid has Mr. Fantastic show why he’s called Mr. Fantastic.

He also sets up some great dramatic arcs for the characters. Reed is drafted to recreate the rocket ride that led to his exposure to comic rays, and finds it a scientific and ethical problem that he can’t solve. Child welfare comes and threatens to take the kids away from Sue (and Reed), because the Baxter Building is deemed too dangerous. Thing is fabulously wealthy, which means he now gets to be the wild and crazy guy with all the chicks. Johnny Storm can’t deal with that well.

The greatest part of these various storylines is how they’re new, and unique to each of the characters. Waid isn’t going over old ground here (Thing hates being Thing, Johnny is irresponsible and hotheaded, etc.)–he’s using those tropes, for sure, but he’s wrapping new stories around them.

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