fantastic 4 503
An interesting parallel: Right around the time The Avengers start working for the U.N. and becoming the world’s police force, the FF move to Latveria to take it over and right the “wrongs” that they think were created by Dr. Doom’s reign.

In so doing, they discover that Doom’s soul is still there,and the evil one jumps into each of them in turn. He possesses Ben, and is about to kill Johnny using Thing’s body when…

And Reed does.

Now, unlike Jonathan Hickman, Mark Waid knows damn well nobody is gonna believe that Thing is dead.  It’s not really good commercial drama to kill a major character with movie potential.  (The only time this really worked in Marvel history is when Ed Brubaker killed Cap, and that was because he let the dude stay dead for years.)  So instead of making the book a big “let’s mourn Thing even though we know he’ll be back before the next movie” charade, Waid uses it as an excuse to explore the concept of death in Marvel comics.

The next arc is one of the most interesting I’ve read since Grant Morrison’s Animal Man.

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