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I have to start with this, and then after the break news about Batman, Marvel and DC movies, etc.

BATMAN CONTINUITY.  Let’s start with Batman. At WonderCon, Scott Snyder (DC’s current Bat-czar) admitted that Batman: Year One is no longer canon. He’ll be rewriting it. I don’t care so much about that in particular—although it is in my opinion one of the best Batman books of all time (and none of Snyder’s Batbooks, good as some of them are, come close to a top 10 list). But when are they going to admit that they also removed elements from Grant Morrison’s extended tenure with Batman? Frank Miller’s Year One could exist outside of continuity as a self-contained, terrific story. But Morrison’s run is the single greatest long-form comic book story of all time, and the whole point of his run was to tie together Golden-, Silver-, and Modern-Age Batman themes, continuity points, and elements. Plus, it sold gazillions (and trades continue to sell well), it’s the best-written DC comic of this century, and just about every Batfan loves at least parts of it. It launched Damian Wayne, made Dick Grayson Batman for a while, spawned several new Bat-titles…It was the best thing DC had. Not framing the new 52 Batman around it was just plain stupid. It made the death of Damian Wayne several weeks ago appear like a stunt—but if you’d read Morrison’s work carefully, you’d have seen that it was an inevitability from early on.

But DC’s moved on, apparently, even before Morrison finished telling his story in Batman, Inc.


MARVEL INFINITY. A 6-issue Thanos series will be the 2013 late-summer event, featuring the various Avengers teams, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Doc Strange, Krees, Skrulls, Broods…Just about every cosmic Marvel element. They’ll be fighting The Builders, who Jonathan Hickman created in Avengers Now.



JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK MOVIE. Apparently it really is moving forward, with the great Guillermo del Toro at the helm, and John Constantine will be the leader. It’ll also feature The Demon Etrigan, Swamp Thing, and Deadman. It would be so funny if this actually got made before a “real” JLA movie, wouldn’t it?

NEW THRILLBENT BOOKS. Mark Waid’s digital-only platform has several cool-sounding series in the works. I wish I was more into the digital moving-concept idea—maybe this’ll get me there. Projects include “The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood,” by Christy Blanch, Chris Carr and Chee, which Waid described as a prison comic with a hard edge—like “Oz meets The History Boys;” “The Endling” by J.T. Larsen and Cecilia Latella, about an AI that comes to life; and “The Incapeables” about old superheroes who are feeble. Sounds hilarious.

ROCKETEER/SPIRIT MINISERIES. IDW announced it, Mark Waid will write it, and Paul Smith will draw it. We haven’t seen Smith since 2009, but he’s best known for his 2005 series “Kitty Pryde: Shadow and Flame” and other X-work.

JIMMY OLSEN: BILLIONAIRE. That’s what they’re doing to make people want to read Superman. Doesn’t have a best friend with unlimited resources take away most of the point of Lex Luthor?

BATWING #19. So Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray took over and created a new Batwing. But the comic was kind of silly, and the big reveal wasn’t all that big a deal. I won’t spoil it for you, but I also won’t start reading Batwing. I still can’t understand why they named a superhero after a sticky ballsack.

FLASHPOINT: THE MOVIE. I’ve made no secrets that I think the New 52 has made DC basically unreadable. All of it. But it might surprise you to know I’m looking forward to “Justie League: The Flashpoint Paradox.” DC’s animated DVD series has been pretty good all around, and the best part about Flashpoint was the Elseworlds-type stories in each of the miniseries that preceded the DCU reboot. I’ve always said they should have spent more time on that, and really made it matter. The movie will tell some of those stories. It should be fun and, best of all, it’ll be under 90 minutes—so it’ll be over, eventually. Unlike the New 52.

BEST OF 2012.  And finally,  A directory of lists of the “Best Comics of 2012.”

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