FANTASTIC FOUR #375-377: Nathaniel Richards is Cable

nathaniel richards cable

Christ.  He’s from the future (even if he got there from the past).  He’s related to someone in the present timeline (Reed’s daddy).  He’s here to save us all.  He’s focusing on a kid (Franklin).  He’s named Nathaniel.  He’s got a cyber-eye.  He looks like he was designed by Rob Liefeld.

He’s a lamer, less-interesting version of Cable, right?

And if that wasn’t enough, check out how deep the stealing-from-X-Men goes…

fantastic four x-men days of future past

Okay, maybe “lift” isn’t fair.  It’s more of a crossover with one of the greatest comics of all time–a comic that happened to be published decades earlier.  Nathaniel goes forward to get the Franklin from this classic Claremont-Byrne comic, brings him back, and then older-Franklin is on the team for a whole bunch of issues.


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