man of steel #6

And so it ends.  Issue #6 of the series that reinvigorated the world’s first super-hero.  From here, DC handed over the reins to John Byrne of both Superman and the longest-running comic book of all time, Action Comics.  A third Superman book, Adventures of Superman, by Marv Wolfman and Jerry Ordway, fit in with Byrne’s continuity but wasn’t nearly as good.  I know, because for some reason these “Man of Steel” trade books include the Wolfman/Ordway issues with Byrne’s.  I guess it’s so that they could ship seven volumes of them, knowing that the real reason people are buying them is for Byrne.

Anyway, we’ll keep it going from here to Superman/Action.  I’ll be writing about them in the order they appear in the trades, as these seem to be the best chronological versions of the companion books.  But I’ll be skipping the non-Byrne Adventures of Superman stuff.  It just doesn’t interest me.

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